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EUR Smart Integrated Systems (SIS) Master



The Smart Integrated Systems (SIS) Master is an international Master taught entirely in English and dedicated to students aiming for a carrier in research. It is particularly aimed to student wanting to continue for a PhD at Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC).

During the 2 years at the Besançon site of UBFC, the student will be pushed to interact strongly with research laboratory and particularly with the FEMTO-ST Institute, a large research laboratory in the field of fundamental and applied sciences and engineering.

Course content

In the first year, the master proposes courses that essentially gives the ttols for designing smart integrated systems with miniaturization in mind : embedded electronics, control theory, robotics and microfabrication/microsystems design. The 2nd year gives the opportunity to follow one track for specializing in one of the 3 main fields: robotics, embedded instrumentation and microsystems. The second sem of that year is almost exclusively devoted to an internship in a research laboratory, or a company.

The detaield curiculum of each course may be found on the website of the EIPHI graduate school.


To apply for the Master, you need to have a good university Bachelor degree, or an equivalent degree, in the EEE field.

We propose scholarships for brilliant international students to help you support your study in France.

The SIS master is part of the EUR EIPHI graduate school, and registration has to go through the procedure explained there

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information before submitting your files!